"A woman needs a bit more than a nice house and a couple of kids you know. "oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Came the younger woman's choked groan of disgust, as she felt a fine, wet spray, splash across the surface of her extended tongue and over the soft interior of her open mouth. No, you couldn't!" June cried out in a lust thickened voice. It hurts so!" The fair girl sobbed. "It's time we joined in the fun." The two women moved to the furiously buggering couple and took up positions on either side ( Dolly to the right, and Celia to the left.) of the squatting, bucking young blonde and her vigorous rider. Celia began to twirl the feather's tip around and around in the young woman's piss tube, furiously agitating her sensitive vent. She did love it! June kicked off her slippers to one side. "We can even see your bumhole. June, meanwhile, despite the feelings of deep shame and helpless humiliation that flooded through her shapely, sweat soaked body, was beginning to respond to the obscene ministrations that Celia was skilfully applying to her tight, but highly sensitized asshole. ".and I freely grant them the use of my body for any sexual act, natural or un-natural, for which they should desirer to use." Dolly turned the paper's pages and read. "neeeeeeaaaagh!" Came June's anguished cry as, throwing back her lovely head, she again leapt to her toes and drew her clenching cunt up along the knotted, throbbing length of George's prick and then, thrusting down with her arse, once more impaled herself to the hilt. Rich, wet and fruity, the odorous blast blew straight out of the lecherous lady's pouting anus and right into the open mouth of the subjugated blonde.

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Aaah!" The girl gave a full throated yell, at each thrust, then gave a great loud. "Oh, Mr Cane!" The lecherous brunette giggled, as she gloated over the weeping young Mother's gaping gash. She's not finished yet!" Laughed Celia. Certainly not!" June had gasped, blushing at the nearness of the remark. If we stopped now, you'd break you whores heart!" Celia laughed. Anyway, to enhance the party spirit and to get every one in the right mood for the 'entertainment' to come, six of these bitches were meilleur site de rencontre gratuit forum köniz parading the girl through the streets to the Square. Crying bitterly, tears flowing down her cheeks, the girl hung suspended by her stretched and swollen breasts, directly over the red tip of the fearsome Stake. Men are so weak! Leaning forward, she toughed the young blonde's swollen arsehole and spread open the pouting lip with her fingers and thumb. The wire tightened and lifted the badly swollen globes of the girl's breasts up into the air and pulled them tight. Suddenly, just as the young woman on the table was about to exquisitely climax, Celia pulled away the feather and stepped back to watch the girl's reaction. "Come on, Bitch!" She snarled. "I can feel it starting, already!" "That's it!" Giggled the redhead, watching her friend's cunt, wink and pout, under the girl's skilful tonguing. At every stroke, as the bloated length sank in then withdrew, each wrinkle along its gnarled and veiny shaft, drubbed, forcefully against the gasping girl's engorged and enflamed clitoris and sent flashes of exquisite delight through her ravished body. Bill's huge, reeking prick was still half erect and lay, bloated and steaming, across his hard stomach. And her cuntcream is absolutely gushing from her." "Good!" Said the redhead, replacing the 'cat' on the table. Even as we speak, there is more accumulating in her guts. I hope you find it interesting." As June glanced around her, she realised, to her horror, that the feeling of helpless and fearful vulnerability that was creeping over her voluptuous naked body, was causing hot flushes of pure lust to surge through her. All wrinkled and pink." She dropped her eyes, again, to June's flushed face and leered, lasciviously. "And should you give me any real trouble." She moved closer to the frightened young woman, her green eyes shining brightly. As Dolly went into the fitted kitchen, that adjoined the room on the far side, their Hostess explained the seating arrangements. Ees eet nice?" Leering at the gasping, weeping blackgirl, Rita reached out her hands and, gripping one of her victim's stretched and swollen breasts in her left hand, she squeezed and twisted its big, congested nipple with the fingers and thumb of her right. All the way, Dolly!" Celia leered. He's well 'up her'." Dolly released the blonde's big arsecheeks and they shut with a judder.

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Followed by game pie. The Duchess wanted her alive, so that the black bitch could remember all the things that they did to her that day. Sitting as he was, crouched on top of the round, fleshy globes of the buxom young woman's big, bouncing arse, the sweating fatman really did look as if he were riding her. "If she thinks that, she'll be disappointed." Said Celia, with a wolfish smile. "Gluggg!" The girl gulped again and another big mouthful slid down. The two women watched, intently, as June's buxom body began to shake uncontrollably, and her grunts became high pitched squeals of eager delight as her own orgasm came close. "Here, George." Said the grinning Redhead. With a wicked smile on her lovely face, she moved back to the table. "Hold on, here it comes." He raised the cane high in the air and brought it flashing down in a stinging. Dolly had found that the girl was getting hopelessly out of her depth with her loans. His hips thudding against her burning buttocks.

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